Altador Cup XI: Let the Games Begin (31 May 2016)


Altador Cup enthusiasts all over Neopia can barely contain their excitement as the eleventh tournament draws near. AC X reminded fans that nothing is predictable in the Altador Cup, with first time-winner Kiko Lake taking home the Cup and two-time winner Haunted Woods finishing last! What surprises await fans in AC XI? All eyes are on Kreludor, who has been making a steady climb back to the top. Faerieland’s marked improvement has not escaped the notice of the public either. Also on the radar is Kiko Lake – will they be able to compete with the powerhouses once more? And what about the Mummies? Can they make a comeback or do they need more time to recover from their fall? These are just a few of the questions that you, as the Neopian sporting public, are left to answer.



Altador Cup Rules Committee Update (6 Jun 2016)


The Altador Cup Rules Committee has been keeping a careful eye on player performance this year, and it has come to their attention that a disease has been spreading among some participants. Symptoms include multiple account disorder and temporary feeling of supernatural or magical performance in the games. In order to stop the spread of this plague, we have quarantined the affected players (and their scores), which have initially caused a dramatic upheaval to some overall team scores. We do expect these to stabilize as we move forward and remove quarantined players from the tournament. We will also continue to monitor other teams closely to make sure that all others stay healthy and unaffected by this plague. No other changes have been made to how the results are tallied, so uninfected players can and should keep playing normally for their teams.

In other news, now that round 1 has come to a close, we are excited to announce a new ending to this year's Cup. Round 5, instead of being another round of regular gameplay, will be a Finals Bracket! The top 6 teams will be placed into one bracket to battle it out for the top spot, teams ranked 7-12 in the next bracket, and 13-18 in the final bracket. The stakes are higher than ever to make sure your team performs well throughout the next few rounds. Each bracket will be worth different amounts, so winning the top bracket will earn more bracket points than the top spot in the second bracket, which will earn more than the last.

Game on, Neopians! This is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic Altador Cups yet!



Uncertain Times Ahead (7 Jun 2016)


The biggest piece of news from the Altador Cup this year comes not from the participating teams but the governing committee! In an unprecedented move, the committee has warned public of an outbreak during the tournament and quarantined players for exhibiting symptoms of 'multiple account disorder' and 'magically enhanced physiology'. Several teams are expected to be affected by this development. Meanwhile, Brightvale seems to be in top form this year, winning all matches against powerhouse Kreludor and finishing at the top of the Vaeolus Bracket. Clearly this tournament will be anything but predictable!