Team Altador

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  Name Species Position Strengths Weaknesses Description
Team Altador Captain
Team Captain
"Trapper" Remis Poogle (Male) Centre Defender Toughness, Stealing the ball, Speed Passing "The Trapper" is the heart of Altador's vaunted defence, so named for his ability to force a turnover by rushing in and double-teaming an opponent. Although he possesses great speed, Remis is only an average passer and not much of an offensive threat.
Team Altador Player 1 Salayne Ritad Elephante (Male) Goalkeeper Size, Good Hands, Strong Instincts Quickness As if Altador's trio of suffocating defenders isn't enough, they also have a pretty fair goaltender. Just how good a goalkeeper is Ritad? Well, that's hard to say, since he faces so few shots.
Team Altador Player 2 Lyvon Cibaire Gelert (Male) Left Defender Tackling, Speed, Energy Inexperience This lanky defender's long limbs have helped him to become a master of blocking opponents' shots and keeping them from passing out of double teams when trapped in a corner. While his ability to generate turnovers is greatly admired by Altador's fans, they desperately wish he could add a little offensive savvy to his repertoire.
Team Altador Player 4 Winberto Seliz Wocky (Male) Left Forward Scoring, Quickness, Toughness Defence The burden of creating Altador's offence falls almost entirely on the shoulders of this nimble playmaker. However, as anyone who's ever seen one of his acrobatic goals could tell you, he's more than equal to the task. He has also played as Right Forward and Centre Forward previously.
Team Altador Player 5 Foltaggio Mynci (Male) Right Forward Strength, Passing, Guarding Frustrated by expectations (his own) Foltaggio replaced Timu since AC VII.
Team Altador Player 3 Timu Lupe (Female) Right Defender (Retired in AC VII) Guarding, Tenacity, Craftiness Scoring Nicknamed "The Paint Brush" for the way she covers her opponents, this Lupe's abilities as a lockdown defender are legendary. Most of her match-ups have a hard time even getting the ball, much less shooting it at the goal. Like the team's other two defenders, though, she provides virtually no scoring.



Team Brightvale

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  Name Species Position Strengths Weaknesses Description
Team Brightvale Player 2
Team Captain
Montecito Kacheek (Male) Right Defender Tenacity, Tackling, Craftiness Size, Running Plays He may look cute and innocent, but this adorable little fellow is the dirtiest shover and clutcher on the Brightvale squad. "The Baby Faced Mauler" (as he's known by the fans of Brightvale's rivals) will stop at nothing to keep an opponent from getting a shot on goal.
Team Brightvale Player 1 Orie Dinelle Ogrin (Female) Goalkeeper Strong Instincts, Good Hands, Quickness Stamina This crafty netminder knows every trick in the book, from using the stickiest set of gloves in the league to obscuring the boundaries of her goalie box by kicking up dirt and covering the line's chalk. She's even been known to spike opposing forwards who tread too close to her net!
Team Brightvale Player 3 Kayn Hireck Skeith (Male) Left Forward Scoring, Speed, Craftiness Consistency Though he's no longer the dominating presence he might've been a few years ago, Hireck is still capable of flashing occasional moments of brilliance when his old, aching body permits. He's also become quite crafty in his old age, mastering the ability to trip opponents with his tail when no one's looking.
Team Brightvale Player 4 Reb Weemelott Nimmo (Male) Right Forward Toughness, Speed, Craftiness Scoring "Weems" has perfected a maneouvre called "the icepick." Whenever a Brightvale player is being guarded by their opponent, Weemelott will rush over next to the defender and, placing his hand on his hips, extend his elbow so that it catches the defender in the stomach. Because (rumour has it) he keeps a flat piece of metal in his elbow pad, the effect of getting caught by "the icepick" is like getting punched in the belly with an iron glove. He's been checked countless times, but never caught with the metal on his elbow.
Team Brightvale Player 5 Gordo Gunnels Grarrl (Male) Left Defender Size, Strength, Tackling Laziness, Passing Gunnels replaced Tressif since AC VII.
Team Brightvale Captain
Team Captain
"Squeaky" Tressif Lupe (Male) Left Defender (Retired in AC VII) Guarding, Consistency, Leadership Scoring The one member of Brightvale's team who refuses to get involved in the their crooked shenanigans, "Squeaky" (as in "squeaky clean") simply plays hard and sticks to the rules. To the surprise of no one, he's also on the receiving end of countless practical jokes that are perpetrated by his mischievous teammates.



Team Darigan Citadel

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  Name Species Position Strengths Weaknesses Description
Team Darigan Citadel Captain
Team Captain
Layton Vickles Hissi (Male) Left Forward Scoring, Running Plays, Quickness Strength This slithering scorer is incredibly difficult to guard, winding in and out of traps with the greatest of ease. As one might imagine, his shots aren't very powerful, but his arsenal of fakes and feints around the net are all but irresistible.
Team Darigan Citadel Player 1 Mungo Lifler Skeith (Male) Goalkeeper (Retired in AC II) Unknown Unknown The first thing that scouts will mention when they discuss Mungo is his hands - "best set of hands in the business" you'll hear many of them say. Granted, his footwork and jumping ability are another matter entirely, but as for those hands... incredible!
Team Darigan Citadel Player 2 Kep Bonnefie Buzz (Female) Left Defender Tackling, Stealing the ball, Experience Scoring, Strength Ever since a series of unflattering articles some years ago, this hard-driving Buzz defender has refused to talk: not to the media, her teammates, or even her close friends and family. It's probably just as well, since her aggressive tackles speak volumes about her enthusiasm for the game.
Team Darigan Citadel Player 3 Tormo "The Terror" Frein Bruce (Male) Right Defender Guarding, Tackling, Tenacity Scoring, Passing When this relentless defender gets an assignment to cover someone, he stays on them from the time they leave the locker room until the final whistle blows. Over the years, many a flashy forward has seen their consecutive games scoring streak halted by the nonstop aggression of this pesky defenseman.
Team Darigan Citadel Player 4 Tandrak Shaye Gelert (Male) Right Forward Consistency, Passing, Guarding Injury-prone, Scoring Though he may not excel an any one particular aspect of the game, there are few Yooyuball players with more all around talent than this great Gelert forward. There was some concern about him dealing with nagging injuries toward the end of the regular season, but Shaye claims that he's now 100%.
Team Darigan Citadel Player 5 Reshar Collifey Jetsam (Male) Goalkeeper Quickness, Good Hands, Energy Inexperience Collifey replaced Lifler since AC II.