The Finishing Line (29 Jun 2015)


These are the last few days of Altador Cup X. Go on and give it all you've got, fight to the finish, and help your chosen team climb up the scoreboard! With the Staff Tournament coming to a close, the Staff Tournament Prize Shop is now open. Go ahead and check out the prizes!



Will Altador Rise from the Ashes? (22 May 2015)


Altador's shocking fall to last place left the team and its fans shaken. It is not for the first time in the history of the Altador Cup that champions saw a dramatic fall. If it is lonely at the top, it is lonelier at the bottom, and no team wants to hang in there for longer than necessary. And most certainly not Altador. Lyvon Cibaire says, "It was tough but we are positive that we will recover from this setback."



Hagan: Patience is Key (22 May 2015)


Brightvale has put on a consistent but unremarkable show at the Altador Cup tourneys over the last few years. King Hagan is anticipating the Altador Cup X. "Though it has taken us long and it felt like an uphill task, Brightvale has managed to move up to tenth place. We have continued to pour in resources and the team has trained hard, so we are certain we will continue to move up a few places this year."



Fanning the Flames, DC Hungry for a Win (22 May 2015)


The Altador Cup has always been just out of reach for Team Darigan Citadel since their victory back in Altador Cup II. They have continued to be one of the strongest contenders for the Cup. Reshar Collifey, DC's young but talented netminder says, "The team owes it to our fans to win the Cup. We've been lucky to have their support and unwavering faith in DC." On team captain Layton Vickles, Collifey says, "Vickles, as always, has been a wonderful captain... and also a mentor and friend. I have come a long way under his inspiring leadership. We are all impatiently waiting for this year's tourney and are going to bring our best game."



Is it Time to Break the Spell? (22 May 2015)


Team Faerieland is still hovering around the last few ranks in Altador Cup IX. The team has almost been written off though during the initial tournaments everyone expected an unexpected victory. This year there is talk that a disgruntled old faerie who was not invited by the team to an after-party has cast a spell on them that ensures that the team will never finish among the top ten for 12 years. Perhaps, it is time to break the spell!



Will it be a Clean Sweep... Again? (22 May 2015)


Wan Dirx may be out of the game but the former vaunted defense is keeping a close eye on the field. Team Haunted Woods made history last year by becoming the first team to win the much-lauded Altador Cup for the second time. "I am still dizzy from the team's win last year... phew, what a game!" he said. "I am looking forward to this year. I'm still rooting for my team, and I always will. There is no doubt in my mind that the team will claim their third Altador Cup this season. Let me tell you, the players are in good form."



Underdogs No More! (22 May 2015)


Kiko Lake continues to battle as an underdog in this year's competition. Unless there is a turnaround in their performance like what we saw in Altador Cup VII where they finished sixth, KL may have to settle with being one of this year's low-tier teams. To their credit, the team remains undaunted even when they play against more powerful teams that can (and do) annihilate them. "We are optimistic that this year's tourney will see a change in our team's fortunes. We have trained hard and we will put up a fight," said forward Meela Kitah.