Cibaire On Path To Improved Play (22 May 2014)


“During my younger days, I didn’t do much offseason training,” Altador’s Lyvon Cibaire recently admitted. “It really caught up with me last year, though. At times, I found myself with nothing left late in games, which -- considering how close we came to winning it all -- is something that bothers me quite a bit. That’s why I took up long distance running this offseason, and the results have been remarkable. The difference in my play during pre-tourney practices has been like night and day.”



Hagan: Keep Calm And Play On (22 May 2014)


Despite years of vicious ribbing from his brother King Skarl, King Hagan has managed not to lose his cool over Team Brightvale’s poor tourney play. “Sure, it’s disappointing that the club has yet to make a serious challenge for the Cup,” Hagan said recently, “but it’s not for lack of trying, or resources. As long as we’re steadfast in our approach that emphasises information over emotions, then I’m sure that our day will come soon enough.”



Reshar Collifey: Monster Hunter? (22 May 2014)


Darigan netminder Reshar Collifey enjoyed quite an offseason. “I got rather caught up in the whole ‘eating contest monster’ thing,” he recently recounted. “As a fan of all things unexplained, as soon as I heard about what had happened I rushed in to join the fray. I was right there with everyone else, mucking about in those catacombs for days. Hehe… let’s just say that, after getting hit with the Curse of Fatigue countless times, I am now quite rested for this year’s tourney.”



Faerieland Frustration Fuels Speculation (22 May 2014)


Having played in eight Altador Cups and never finished better than 15th, frustration seems to have gotten the best of at least one member of Team Faerieland. “We’ve been told not to discuss this publicly,” an anonymous team member confided, “but someone on the club has, over time, become convinced that the Altador Cup Committee has a grudge against us. At first it was a few sly remarks, but now they constantly rant about it. What’s worse is that the other players are starting to believe it, too…”



For Woods, A Changing Of The Guard (22 May 2014)


After eight seasons as a key contributor to Team Haunted Woods’s vaunted defense, Wan Dirx has decided to hang up his sling and call it a career. However, even though he’s no longer on the roster, that doesn’t mean he’s no longer a fan -- in fact, Dirx claims to be his replacement’s #1 supporter. “He’s terrific, and because I’ve always put the team’s fortunes ahead of my own, I felt that stepping aside was the right thing to do. I’m telling you… he’s so scary, it’s good. Hehe, I mean, he’s so goo--oh, you’ll see!”



Kiko Lake: Complacent No More? (22 May 2014)


In years past, Kiko Lake had struggled just to participate in the tournament, often picking up odd jobs to cover the costs. After their stunning 6th place finish in Altador Cup VII, however, a flood of donations came in. Suddenly endowed with a new training facility, equipment, and no need to worry about expenses… the team finished 14th the following year. “We definitely blew it,” forward Meela Kitah said. “We got lazy… but we’ve learned our lesson.”



Krawk Makes Swap (22 May 2014)


One day after reports of a trade by Kreludor surfaced, some additional details have emerged. It is now confirmed that the deal is between Kreludor and Krawk Island, and that the player going to Kreludor is forward Ealyn Hawkshanks. “I’ve been ‘ere me whole career, so to say it’s disappointin’ would be an understatement,” Hawkshanks said. “That’s the business, though…” Due to financial details that remain to be ironed out, the player on the other end of the deal has yet to be announced, but is expected soon.