Altador Cup II


Playing Yooyuball all day long can make one quite thirsty. Fortunately, the Colosseum has a concession stand serving up refreshing Zeenana, Chokato, and Jumbleberry Slushies to eager patrons. On the down side, the Slushie Concession Stand is a little understaffed with just one Tuskaninny waitress to serve everyone. In order to avoid an all-out customer revolt, put on a smock and sling some slushies!

Quickly serve customers their slushies but make sure not to mix them up! Business is booming at the Slushie Concession Stand, and the Tuskaninny waitress needs your assistance to keep her customers happy! Help serve these impatient fans their slushies so they can get back to the Yooyuball action!

Your contribution to your team's standings depends upon how well you play Slushie Slinger, with the calculation being based on the score you send for each game you play. The better your score, the more Slushie Slinger points will be added to your team's daily score.