According to the rules first set down over a thousand years ago by Narinus the Athletic, the game is played with two teams, each with five players, and points are scored when one team throws a Yooyuball into the opposing team's goal. Positions include forward, defender, and goalie. The Altador Cup field consists of eighteen teams, each representing a different Neopian land. The winning team receives the grand honour of displaying the trophy for one year. Any conflicts between teams or players are arbitrated by the official Altador Cup Committee, which oversees the event.



Yooyus Also known as the "eleventh player" in the game, Yooyus are Petpets that can easily roll up into balls, hence the term Yooyuball. Thanks to their extremely tough hides, Yooyus can handle being thrown and caught repeatedly. Yooyus come in seven different varieties: normal, snow, fire, faerie, Darigan, clockwork, and mutant. Each of these "balls" acts in a different way. Only the healthiest Yooyus receive the honour of being allowed to participate in the Altador Cup.